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I am considering starting working on projects using 2D, 3D cameras, and outdoor LIDAR 3D in AGV-type robots. I would need assistance with products that could be good for this implementation (I have seen Robosense, Ouster,…) and industrial MINI PC to process the data (Intel NUC, Jetson from NVIDIA, etc).

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Hello @Fontal and welcome to the RobotShop community!

Are you looking for a platform that you could use for this type of application? If that’s the case then I suggest checking the ROS Compatible Robots section of the store.

If you are looking to make the platform yourself I suggest checking these tutorials

If you want to use a LIDAR a good option would be a rotational one if you want to map its surroundings, but if it would be mostly for avoiding obstacles you could use a multi-beam one would be just fine. Also try to select a model that has ROS libraries, Robosense has some great options.

For the camera I suggest a stereo/depth camera, like ZED, intel real sense, or OAK-D, if possible also look for one with ROS libraries as that would help with development.

And as you mentioned, you’ll also need a mini PC, most NVIDIA boards would be a great option but Intel NUC is also popular, and there are also some cheaper options out there but as you mentioned wanting to use a LIDAR and a 2D/3D camera it would be great if you select a board with a good GPU like a Jetson.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project!

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Thanks a lot for your information!