Hbridge designed using Mosfets is burning

I designed a simple hbridge using IRFZ44n mosfets and IR2103 mosfet driver but mosfets in my circuit are burning out after a while.
I am using a 24v motor with 0.8 nominal and 8 amps stall current and arduino for generating pwm.
What could be the reasons behind the mosfet faliure?

ps: MOSFETs and driver ic are different in the circuit shown but the rest of the circuit is same.

The IR2103 and IR2104 are very different parts. Showing a schematic with one to represent the other is like using a Kia service manual to work on a Ferrari.
It appears as though you “designed” your circuit using the 2104 datasheet/app notes. But I get a headache trying to figure out what you have, so I will wait until you post a correct schematic to look any further.

Sorry to confuse,
Here is the schematic of my circuit

Your problem is simple
IR2104 IC is used in a way that differs from IR2103. I kindly request you to compare two pictures of the Datasheet, then you will understand me.
Look at this video carefully, it will teach you the way that IR2104 how works. You must notice that the button side of H-bridge transistors is always working but the only upper transistors of the H-bridge side works when one of two ICs “IR2104” works. However, IR2103 works in a different method. The attached picture will show you what exactly I mean.