Has anyone used the Solarbotics GM17?

Just wondering if anyone has tried these vs the GM8 or GM9. I am thinking of trying them and maybe getting the conversion gears to put in later for more speed. I thought they might be good with some treads to grunt over stuff! Feel free to throw out some other options too!

PS.. I would love if LMR could setup a poll to see what the most used/recommended motors and/or drivers are for simple bots.  I think it would be very helpful to many like me having a hard time choosing. Just a thought.


I’m a fan of the GM17s. With

I’m a fan of the GM17s. With the 2.75" wheel they use it could be considered a tad slow for most people. If you use tracks like the ones Solarbotics offers it will move like a real life pokey tank lol I like them because they draw relatively low current and have ample torque for any small sized robot I’ve made. I’ve also used the Didel conversion gears for increased speed and they work nicely. Not hard to switch them out at all. It’s kept me from trying out the GM8/9s, to be honest.

Didel also makes encoders

Didel also makes encoders for the GM17 motors. Just in case you need to do some mapping…

Seconded - great torque and

Seconded - great torque and very low current draw, even when stalled. Good size too.

I was afraid they might be

I was afraid they might be too slow. Did you try the 104:1? It looks like that might be a good speed to torque ratio. Does any one have any videos so I could get an idea of the speeds?

I just saw your Crumbot

I just saw your Crumbot video is that stock gearing? Cool build.

Yes, crumbot uses stock

Yes, crumbot uses stock gearing. It had a 4AA NiMH battery pack running through a L293D chip. I don’t have any vids with the Didel gears though, sorry. I seem to favor slow bots, I don’t know lol

Crumbot can’t go too fast

Crumbot can’t go too fast anyway he has work to do! Thanks