Has Anyone Here Actually Built a Functioning Lynx Motion Johnny 5 Robot with Torso and Tank Platform?


This is not a problem but an inquiry to find out if there have been forum members that have attempted or succeeded in building a Lynx Motion Johnny 5 Robot.

It seems to be an intriguing project but I cannot find any resources besides Torso-Only and Torso + Tank Platform Kits. A tutorial would be great.

I built a Phoenix Hexapod that is a favorite but there was much more information available.

Thank you for any input and assistance.


@tobar8th Do you mean a complete kit including all parts needed?

Johnny 5 guide:

Unfortunately given the robot’s complexity, there’s no sample code available. You can start by using the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer to create sequences:

After that, it’s difficult to know how customers might want to control it, and controlling a torso with arms is not very intuitive, which explains the lack of sample code.

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Thank you for the quick and informative reply! Yes, I meant a complete build, ending up with a fully functioning bot.

I would imagine that code for a Humanoid bot could be adapted (or used as a model) for the torso and I could use tank platform code (with turret) for the tank/track portion (actually this part should be simple as is F/R and CW/CCW. But then there is still the control aspect to figure out (integrating code for PS2, ZigBee, etc.).

I have built a Phoenix Hexapod with PS2 control but, as you know, the deep thought process and trial and error was already worked out for me by others. Also, what helped with the Phoenix was seeing videos of the bot moving which assisted with motivation to build and faith that it was a doable project. I have not seen any Johnny 5 videos.

The best advice you have provided (indirectly), is that this project would be beyond my skill set (or too far outside my comfort zone) and I should probably invest my limited bot budget in some other project.

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Quick search on YouTube for “Lynxmotion Johnny 5”

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Thanks for the videos!

It really is a fun platform, and you may enjoy using the Sequencer software at first. As you said, there’s code for the tracks, and then it’s a question of how you want the arms to react… could be a good incentive to learn a bit more programming.

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