Hand project

So I'll be making a robotic hand, closely modeled too a human one.  I'll be experimenting with unusual actuation methods such as shape memory alloys.  I'm prototyping fingers now, but it'll probably pick up pace around next fall. Dual-action muscle wire finger tested. Next up, SMA strips.  

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that episode was great 

Good work! How has the

Good work! How has the school year been going for you?

Interesting Wire…

What’s the name of the wire product you’re using there? I’ve never heard of it before, look cool!

Does the wire get hot under electrical load?

Muscle wire

Its the most commonly available shape memory alloy.  Yes the resistance of the wire causes it to heat up, and it contracts when heated.  Here is a link to some more info: http://robotics.hobbizine.com/flexinol.html

I am using the .006" type.  Thicker wire has greater force, but cools slower.  Next I may try some SMA strips, which can be “programed” to go to a set position when heated instead of simply contracting.  

hey Drew,

Busy but good.  

Good to hear! Hey, mind if I

Good to hear! Hey, mind if I ask you for your dot number?


I dont give out my dot number but if you want to email me use my yahoo mail at [email protected]