Hand Of Bob - Alternative Robonova Robot Grippers - New Video

Many thanks, IG

Well, the hands are coming off, as they don’t pick up from the floor very well, and the grippers are going on.

I don’t much like the head, now, and since the little micro-servo has burnt out :frowning: , a new head will be forthcoming.

Hopefully, it will include a new optic nerve. (Sort of)

Major Work

That is really nice and great work!!!  Liked the video too!!  build on!

Thanks BosT.

I’ve got plans for a new head, shortly, and hopefully will post a video.

You deserve a big hand!

Are you still using these hands on your Robonova? They are so well crafted, great job. Thanks for the vids.

Thank you for the comment, Gorf :slight_smile:

They aren’t actually on the Robonova at the moment, as I am trying to do things with the grippers I made.

You can see those in action here.


This is fantastic work, wow

This is fantastic work, wow :slight_smile: