Had to retype my Question 2 TIMES!

The first time was in the “Search”. Since I wasn’t a member yet, I followed the prompts to becoming a new member. After my email address was confirmed, and I received the Welcome page–that claimed I would be taken back to where I was before the registration process, if I clicked The Button. It DID take me back, but my original text was nowhere to be found.

So, I typed it again. Now, I don’t exactly remember what the sequence of events was at this point, but it was something like “we didn’t find any other topics like that, would you like to start a New Topic” so, I did whatever it needed me to do, to start that new topic, and again, my text was gone!

So, for the third time, I typed in my question…

Suggestion: Do a better job of preserving typed text through these different phases. That’s what Cookies are for [their original purpose before marketing Idiots got their fingers in the jar!], or even Web-2 AJAX and such.