Gyroscope source recommendations?

Hi all, searching the site didn't give me much on gyros aside from the MEMS gyro sensors.  I'm interested in good old fashioned spinning chunks of metal :-).  I guess these could also be called flywheels, though ultimately I'm aiming for a gimbal mount active gyro.  Anyone work much with them in robotics projects?  

I'm designing a robot and trying to get a handle how much help they can provide to balance something tall and heavy... e.g. if I use a 20lb gyro at X RPM how much torque could it provide, etc.  

At this point I'm just curious how to find a good source for one - google isn't much help with all the gyro chips used in electronics these days mudding the search results :)

Anyway, thought y'all might have some ideas.


P.s. Yes I know it's hard/awkward/expensive/silly etc so don't need to be talked into MEMS approach - but thanks! ;)

Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks for the tip and suggestions guys. It’s partly curiosity to try the mechanical approach of course :). More to come as I get my hands dirty…
Keep comments coming, though I’m not interested in solid state approach … At least not in this thread.


FYI some inspiring gyro
FYI some inspiring gyro research for biped turning control:

Video on YouTube for gyrobot I think…

And yet another robotics crew in Austin using control moment gyros… Awesome, anyone know them? :slight_smile:

What is it about Austin??