GY-521 and motion in a straight line

Hello all

I have a few questions about using GY-521 MPU-6050 gyro. If you have experience - please, help. 

1) Different sources indicate different allowable voltage - 3.3V or 3.3 / 5V. Can I use it with my 5V Arduino?

2) Is GY-521 enought for motion in a straight line of such platforms as dagu 4wd/6wd wild thumper?

Many thanks in advance.




Its not that simple.

Its not that simple. Although the board provides a voltage regulator so you can supply it with 5 volts, the SCL and SDA pins are connected directly. You can probably get away with driving those at 5 volts, but I wouldn’t depend on it. I would never do it in something that flies, for instance.

You can get a logic level converter that will do this for you:

So, to summarize, it might work on its own, or you might get weird results. You’re definitely driving the chip outside the parameters specified in the data sheet if you drive SCL and SDA with 5 volts.

- Jon