Guidance to set up velocio and DC motors

Hi There,

I am a software developer looking to learn how to use a PLC to run some motors that I purchased. Here is what I have:

I don’t have much of an idea how to hook this all together without killing myself! My goal is to:

  • Have a on/off switch - where do I buy this?
  • Have a temperature sensor - where do I buy this?
  • Have the PLC run 6 motors at the same time, all motors doing the same thing


  • I need much longer wires than came with the motor. What kind of wire is that and where can I buy it in the correct colors to not get confused? Do I also need new connectors or can I just twist the new longer wire to the existing wire?
  • How do I connect the power supply to the motors? Just twist wires together with +/- and that’s it?
  • Once I have one motor working, can I just twist all 6 motor wires together to get all six working together?

Any beginner guidance here would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @canrobbo and welcome to our forum!

You have an interesting project :slight_smile:

I’ve used some PLC but never this Velocio Ace 1450. As I can see , you will need a motor driver to run all of the motors.

You can find motor drivers here: Motor Controllers - RobotShop.
You choose a motor driver based on the type of the motor (brushed, brushless), communication available (in your case Modbus, Serial, PWM), number of motors, voltage, amperage etc.

I hope this helps a little bit but you will need a lot more of investigation and calculation for your project :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

Regarding needing a motor controller, the motors I bought says that they have a “built-in motor driver”. Doesn’t that mean I don’t need a separate motor controller?

Thanks for the links to the thermocoupler and power switch - much appreciated!

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Hi @canrobbo ,

Yes, you are right, I missed that part :slight_smile:

So maybe you can control it directly then.