Groundstation helink

Hello, can I connect the helink ground station to the lynxmotion 4wd3 and how

@Krisvanautenboer Welcome to the RobotShop Community. We currently don’t sell the “Ground Station” (the one which comes in a durable plastic suitcase), so would you consider something like this?

There is no specific mounting for the transmitter / receiver inside the A4WD3, but it’s as simply as using either velcro straps and/or velcro to keep the receiver and transmitters in place on the internal plate. As for the camera, each A4WD3 includes transparent plates. It is unfortunately up to you to figure out how to mount the camera as we could not design something to be “universal” (cameras come in all shapes and sizes). If you know of a 3D designer who has a 3D printer, it should be very easy to create an adapter.

Hope this helps.

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