Grocery Delivery Robot

I am looking for a solution to autonomos deliver grocery in my housing area of about 500 homes of about 2km radius. the robot will be able to deliver to any address in the housing area form origin location A to the destination location B and back to origin location A. It is an outdoor robot, can deliver the grocery in all kind of weather and 24 hours a day. the robot will be safe and will avoid pedestrian, cyclist, car, animals. robot must also able to have theft prevention. the control centre are about to detect location of each robots that are on delivery schedule. The cost to buld the robit is also important try to buld the robot as low cost as possible to make the project viable for deployment


Creating a robot which can legally operate around humans is not easy. Are you new to robotics and planning to start a company? Do you have previous experience building mobile robots? I see a lot of “wants” but not much in terms of a concept…