This is the first part i made for my bot.

I Used an old RC car, or parts from it anyways.

I will use pressure sensors so it can "sense" how hard its holding things.I will also add another servo so it can spin it's hand.

I will write more about the robot later when i prototyped a bit more.The bot will be using  PIC's ,mostly 16f690, for sensors and motors.I will try to make it as upgrade friendly as possible.I will write the programs in JAL PicBasic Pro.

Ok so now things are starting to fall in to place.

i have mounted the 16f690 on a 8cm solderless breadboard with the connections to the PicKit2 wich i use to program it.

The PicKit2 is also used for USART, and i set up some routines so i can enter either angle of different servos or forward backward stop and speed for motors. very handy for debugging.oh i almost forgot, the SRF05 is up and running aswell fine.

The Gripper worked fine and i'm now on to completing the start here bot.

The plan is to make a expandable board for the pic so i can add my own shields to it.

This blog wont be updated any more since i will start a robot project instead.



I will try to update as aften as possible and document the entire build.



this is very cool! on what kind of robot will you place this awesome hand?