Gripper kit attachment

I am thinking of purchasing this gripper kit:

I have a wrist joint that has a flat back and so I’d need an L shaped bracket to hold the gripper. The small L would interface with the back plate of the wrist and the log L will hold the top side of the motor with the gripper below.

Which brackets would you recommend for this?

@cosmicone The double-wide bracket was made specifically for this but requires a Lynxmotion smart servo.

You can see how it’s used in step 1/5 here to be centered on the short C bracket (which seems to be what you’re referring to):


A) The servo is NOT included with that gripper kit - you need to purchase either a Lynxmotion HS1, ST1 or HT1 smart servo separately. The kit effectively requires a mounting point which is only available on this line of servos.

B) The mounting pattern of the bracket is compatible with other Lynxmotion brackets, but there is no guarantee it will work with brackets from another manufacturer

C) The LSS smart servos can be operated in either RC or serial mode, but if you have other smart servos, the protocol is likely different.

If you’re unsure if this gripper will work, we’re at your service to answer any questions you might have.