GPS navigated robot ideas

Hi, I’m fairly new to all robotics but I have a product idea that I’m looking to peruse.

I don’t want to explain exactly what it is for obvious reasons, however it involves an outdoor wheel driven robot, that uses some sort of GPS to go around a perimeter of land. This would be drawn out by the user on a tablet or phone before hand. I’m not sure how I would look in to this or where to start so any ideas would be much appreciated.

Ideally it would need to be specific to within a meter. Would this be achievable through a single gps like chip fitted in the product, or would it need work off the likes of a base station nearby?

I’ve started designing the body of this product for a prototype so any recommendations for a cheaper solution to get started would also be appreciated.

Many thanks

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I think this project is somewhere close to your one: A (not so) Electric Bike - Share Project - PCBWay

This is an electric bike with GPS Navigation. You may get some idea from here. Though I know, your project is a Robot. But to some extent, you may find some similarity.

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@Egill03 Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

An idea for an outdoor wheeled robot with encoders:

You might want to look into Pixhawk, which is a flight controller, but there is some work on compatibility with rovers:

Note that the examples seem to use rack and pinon steering rather than skid steer, which you’d need to look into. Not aware of many existing wheeled platforms which can do what you want without customization.