GPS/GSM/VHF/SOLAR Battery transmitter for wild life bird tracking

i am looking to build a very tiny transmitter to attach to the bird less than 20 grams that could track the bird
via GPS and then send the location via two ways VHF and GSM (SMS).

also I would like to use an ios or android app that has google map to track the bird and is compatible with the
transmitter hardware.

anyone worked on such project that could help me would be much appreciated.

Question- Is the bird less than 20 grams, or the transmitter less than 20 grams?
How long a period of time do you need to track, and how often is the location updates?
Of course, the battery will be the limiting factor here.

the transmitter attached to the bird should be less than 20 grams.

time period tracking is at lease 2 days if i can’t put the battery to sleep
when i am hunting with the bird, i will trigger battery on if the bird flew away
and i need to track it down for for 1 day or 2 days max.

realtime update every 1 second.

i am looking to convert the GPS Data in transmitter module that is attached to the bird into VHF
data send it to handheld reciever then the receiver convert it back to GPS map.

take a look at github kbox firm ware open source, i am looking into doing something like that
but for birds.