Got an alert for Elenco radio kit, but now it's back on backorder


How reliable are the alerts?

I got a mail just today that they are back in stock, but visiting the page, it shows the old date of 14/06/2020.


I have verified our system and there was stock added, but orders were on standby.

I’d suggest you to create your order for this product, you won’t be charged until it is in stock and shipped.


@AudioVOX: Thanks for your reply.

I am in the process of making an order with various items, some of them not available right now. Will they all be shipped once every item is available (and those that are getting reserved)?

Or is there an option to ship things as soon as they become available. If so, are there additional costs involved?

I made an order, but I still would appreciate a link that makes things more clear.

They should all ship when everything is available. If you want to split the order, you can contact our customer service: