GoPro 8? Mounting Options? for micro pan and tilt

Can I hang it from my FPV plane or need to mount on top? Which servo has the most stress? Will it hold a GoPro 8? Lynxmotion Micro Pan and Tilt Kit

Regarding the Lynxmotion Tripod Camera mount, this is best used with the standard Lynxmotion pan/tilt rather than the micro version:

Note that this version doesn’t include the servos, allowing you to choose your own.

You can mount this in whatever orientation you’d like, provided the servos have enough torque. If you’re worried about the weight and the force due to the wind, you can use the Hitec 645MG:

Since you indicate this is for a plane, have you searched to see if there are any manufacturers which have released a gimbal system for the GoPro 8?

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