Google sketch-up: entering absolute coordinate

ok, i'm trying again with sketch up

now, i want to move an object to an exact location, x,y,z. not just moving it around with the mouse.

how do you do? i read the guide and it says something like entering [x',y',z'] on the value box, but i have a problem with this: for making the brakets [] i have to press the alt button, that automatically interrupts the command so i'm unable to move.

Also, how do you see the exact coordinates an object is ?


You are going to kill

You are going to kill yourself now:

  • Select the move-tool
  • Grab the object with your mouse
  • Press this - excactly, nothing else - on yor keyboard:
  • 19,33,10
  • hit return


Same goes for like a fixed length of an object; Just start drawing, then enter a digit, voila!

You can setup what the digits is, like CM, Meters Stones or what have you in strange contries :slight_smile:

it doesnt work :(i think

it doesnt work :frowning:

i think it’s becouse in this coutry we use the comma to separate decimals instead of point, so i’d write 3,43 cm

now if i put in “0,0,0” it doesn’t move to the origin, it works as if i entered “0”.

i tried “0;0;0” but it gives “wrong length”

type [x’,y’,z’] into a blank

type [x’,y’,z’] into a blank text file and then copy+paste it into the value box? Pain in the ■■■■ but it might work.

Just a tiny correction


0;0;0 or 0,0,0 means relative


[0;0;0] or [0,0,0] means absolute


So “[” and “]” is the key to absolute positioning.