Good Stuff to scavenge from a cell phone

I just ripped apart an old Samsung SGH-T739.

I was planning on using the vibration motor that is used for silent mode. As long as I have this thing torn apart, I'm curious about your ideas for what else might be good to use.


  • Vibration motor (coin type)
  • Microphone
  • Speakers (Ringer and handset are different on this phone)
  • Charger and battery (3.7V Li-ion)
  • LCD (if it is at all standard or if someone has already posted how to interface/hack)
  • Camera (Can these things be used out of the camera?)
  • Spring from slider

Any thoughts on using these parts or on other good stuff to scavenge?


hey Ignoble
the screen of the phone is an 18 bit colour tft lcd.
you should be able to salvage the keypad etc. if you can find the part number for the camera then it might be possible to hack an interface for it.
see if you can seperate the two sliding halfs and keep the screen and its few buttons together. then youl have an all in one display and input unit

Tom J 

Indeed, the screen is

Indeed, the screen is mounted to a circuit board with the menu buttons on the bottom half. The main ribbon cable and incredibly tiny connector are attached to this board. I’ve never done any interfacing to a LCD before.

From what I can find, the screen has a horizontal resolution of 176x220 and 262k colors.

The camera is 1.3 megapixel.

I haven’t found any further technical information on the LCD or camera.

Thats all i found aswell. i

Thats all i found aswell. i should think that the screen would be a generic style of screen. my only suggestion is to probe it with a multi meter until you find the ground and power then apply a small amount of power say 3.3v. from what i remember of dismantling an old sony ericsson the ribon connectors are damned difficult things with surface mount connections.

i’d be tempted to find a part number or serial number ussualy printed on the reverse of the screen. it should make hacking an interface easier. if you wouldnt mind posting photo’s ill try and help as best i can

Tom J 

I was able to carefully pry

I was able to carefully pry the LCD away from the circuit board, revealing some printing on the ribbon cable connecting it to the board.


A quick search on sgh-d618 got me this site, which provides a bit more info, but no physical interface info.

I think SGH-D618 is another Samsung phone model. Since Samsung produces LCD screens, they probably made this custom and used it for several of their phones.


ribbon cable

ignoble, how many pins are in the ribbon cable?
also check the circuit board for driver IC’s for the LCD. i think the nokia ones use a driver ans it could be the case with this one. 

There are 32 pins. The main

There are 32 pins. The main ribbon cable leads to a separate board with all the ICs on it. Difficult to determine which is the display IC.

I just opened an old LG phone and found a great lcd display .

Also found who is the manufacturer and send them an e-mail to request a datasheet.

The display model number is GIANTPLUS GPM693C0 . 


i had an idea for those

i had an idea for those button vibrators, but it takes 4 of them.
basically it would be a ‘walker’ with those vibrators for feet.
instead of lifting its legs, it would apply vibrations so as to reduce friction,
and sort of ‘skate’ across flat surfaces.

also i think aesthetics are important, so how about using the shell of it
to make a little beambot, so it looks like you phone has come to life on its own :stuck_out_tongue:
(please refrain from mentioning any movies by that afterbirth michael bay plz)

i’m thinking somewhere in there must be a real time clock ic or something like that.

imo all robots small enuff to fit in the mouth of a dog need to have
an ultrasonic dog repelling unit. the mic and speaker would come in handy for that.

Heh heh. Cute ideas.For your

Heh heh. Cute ideas.

For your vibro-feet (vibroped?) robot, you should have some guide wires or other mechanical structure that make the robot perfer move in one direction. Otherwise it will just randomly vibrate all over the place. Maybe slightly tilting the motors all at the same angle and direction would work.

it would alternate feet

it would alternate feet vibration according to which one is moving forward.
any legs moving aft will be non vibrating, and therefore have more grip, and push it along…
…theoreticly… :stuck_out_tongue: