GM3/GM9 strength at low voltage?

I need help from someone who owns a solarbotics geared motor type GM3 or GM9, or even better: both!

I wantot to know how strong they are when driven directly from a single AAA 1,5 Volt battery. If you hook it up to the battery and hold on to the axle/output shaft, will the motor be able to spin itself around? Would it be able to keep spinning if you taped the battery onto the motor body, or would the added weight of the battery be to much to keep whole contraption rotating around its own axle?

I just tried it and can tell

I just tried it and can tell you the GM9 spins itself when held by the output shaft at about 20 rpm. That is with the battery attached to it. Not sure about the GM3.

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot. That’s just what i needed to hear.