GM10 motor strength

I've ordered th GM10 geared minimotor from solarbotics.


I know some of you have used it before.

Mine haven't arrived yet, so I'm still dreaming about it.

Here's a quick question for those who know it;

How big a wheel can I connect directly to the output shaft on the GM10 without any significant loss of power. I see they ship it with an optional 25mm wheel, is that the biggest recommended diameter, or can I go bigger without gearing it down further?

You did not buy the 25mm

You did not buy the 25mm wheel? It is so perfect though :slight_smile:

With that, it is a fast and comparable strong little thing. I would not recommend larger wheels, I think the 25mm wheels are perfect. And they fit on the axle as well.

I think you’d lose significant power the instant you gave it a larger wheel, sorry. 25mm’s ere perfect; very fast, and still strong enough to pull a small robot.

Yes, of course I bought the

Yes, of course I bought the wheels. I think you might be the only person in the world, that I know of, that has ever admitted to having to many wheels… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just that I realised how small these motors are, and thought that combining these small motors with a small brain and BIG wheels would look ridiculous.

/ vzz-clck-“Maneuver”

Actually I do not have too

Actually I do not have too many of these - I was just over to have a look, as I would have ofered you some if I had too many :slight_smile:

Cool you got them! Makes me happy, because I know you will be happy!

Do not give them too much power (more than 5V) TheCowGod burned some on that, aparently! (I never gave them more than 5V, and usualy 3,5 (motor driver takes 1,5V) - and I have never burnt any, they are such fun little things. Boy, I want to build something with them now as well :smiley: Time, oh lord… Time…

What du you mean by "(I

What du you mean by “(I never gave them more than 5V, and usualy 3,5 (motor driver takes 1,5V)”?

Is the motor really only 1,5v or is it electronics somewhere inside that little dingy that uses 1,5v (5v-1,5v=3,5v)

Got them in the mail last night. THEY’RE LOVELY!! Have drawn up a few schetches for a tilting biped walker using one motor. Going down to the model plane shop to buy struts after work today

-But I’m still working on the idea of making a light seeker where two big wheels amount to about 80% of the mass.

/ vzz-clck-“Maneuver”

I ment this thing takes 1.5V

I ment this thing takes 1.5V :slight_smile:

Cool that you got them - yes, “lovely” is the word, I’d say. Just so expensive! I tried to start a thread somewhere on wher we could get them cheaper! I want 100!