Getting Started

I decided to chronicle my attempt at creating this robot to give hope to anyone out there who doubts their ability to do the same.

I have zero experience with programming. Zero experience with engineering. Zero experience with anything even remotely (pardon the pun) related to robotics. Also, though I am intensely curious about things, I'm not the smartest guy in the world by any means.

In other words, if I can do this, anyone can do this.

Today I ordered 90% of the hardware I'll need to create Mr. Basic, all from The total cost was $110 + shipping.

  • PICaxe - 28x Starter Kit (which is now fully compatible with Mac!)
  • 1 Sharp GP2D12 analog infrared rangefinding sensor - up to 40"
  • 1 L293D Motor Driver
  • 4 GM3 gearhead motors - 220:1 (with an easily overridable clutch to lessen torque)
  • 4 wheels
  • 1 GWS modified servo (modified to have "continuous rotation")
  • 30 female to female jumpers

I then bought some 330 ohm resistors, some extra pins, and a basic soldering kit at Fry's Electronics for about $20.

Lastly, I put a hold on a book called Robot Builder's Bonanza at the local library.

Now I just have to wait until all of this stuff arrives in the mail to get started. If anyone has any tips or some other books I could read to get started on this project, I am all ears.

read LMR

That should keep you busy for a week or two.


Yeah, no joke. The amount

Yeah, no joke. The amount of content on this site is bonkers. I feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

Other than this site though, I’m looking maybe for a book on basic electric engineering or any other subject that I’ll need some knowledge of to get the wheels spinning (sorry, the puns just come naturally).

Turning corners with four
Turning corners with four wheels is trricky. Two wheels and a skid is much easier.

Woohoo! You can do it! :smiley:
Woohoo! You can do it! :smiley:

Cool, cant wait to see your bot!