Getting started with speech


Im a software developer, and currently studying for a master’s degree in computer science with Artificial intelligence.

I’m looking at creating a personal AI assistant perhaps with tensorflow or Watson, and would like to explore STT using a home board and or kit.

Looking for advice on a good starter kit, or board with speaker, and mic etc.

It doesn’t have to be a kit either, but if there is board a. Mic b. And or speaker c that I can get to grips with then brilliant.

Also wondering with the Arduino IDE can I use it with Python libraries such as Pytorch for example?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Also if I am barking the wrong tree, apologies and if you could point me in the direction needed then great also. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


hello d212digital

I have done a similar project.
I have used a raspberry pi with python language. At first, I begin with a cheap mic and speaker but in the end, I found that I need a high-quality mic, a cheap mic will make many mistakes in recognition and is not efficient when talking with distance or noise.
I think that you can program an Arduino with python but I have never tried it.
in the same project, I have used a raspberry pi and an Arduino with I2c or with serial communication the raspberry pi was used for AI assistant and computer vision and the Arduino was used to control the motor.
i hope that i helped you

Thank you for your reply, has really helped me, I kind of worked out that a raspberry pi would be a better option, dont suppose you have any links to the products you found worked (if allowed to post on the forum)

I think a pi 3 or 4 would be ok wouldn’t it?



pi 3 and 4 will work fine, in the project I used pi 4 with 4 GB ram it was excellent,
I buy a mic from a local store but it is similar to this one usb mic or you can buy a 5 v speaker like the jabra 510 google nest, Alexa echo or anything similar depending on your budget.
but make sure if you buy a cheap one that the mic is working good
good luck with your project