Getting ready

Hello everyone! :D

I'm new to the site and building robotsand got very inspired of all the robots on the site. :D

And it seems that making a simple bot is easier then i thought :O


After reading some of the tutorials here i decided to start making my own bot,so today i bought some tools that i needed.

Things like: Soldering iron (and a stand/holder), heatshrinking tubes, solderingtin and some wire. didn't find any jumpers tho :/


I'm still trying to find a store that sells PICAXE in sweden (where i'm from), i guess i have to order online and have it shipped.

Anyway, i hope i'll get to build a robot soon and post it here :)

Wish me luck :D


PS, if you got a tip for other tools and such that i might need - feel free to comment :D




Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site! :smiley:

Here in the states, I’ve yet to see a store that sells Picaxe or the Arduino in stores, mostly just online. I’m not sure how you feel about Ebay, but there are alot of great deals for prototyping goodies (jumper wires/breadboards/etc) you’ll get crazy good deals.

But one thing I would do before you jump into building a robot, is start off with simple sketches first. Blinking an led… changing the blink speed, using a button, etc. There are a few PDFs on the website, I’m sure there are some better places for tutorials! (I’m more of an Arduino guy, so one of our Picaxe users will have to point that out :P)

But take a look here, and work your way up!

Picaxe manual index

Best of luck, and keep us updated!:smiley:

Why not Arduino? has arduino. They are fast on delivery, and have a good webshop (in Swedish).

I just started myself, and had no trouble at all getting started with programming C.

It´s a bit more structured than basic, maybe a little more difficult to learn but more powerful. Have a look at the website , there are a lot of tutorials.

The best is that it´s all open-source, works on all platforms, easy to install and getting started with. Dont know about PICAXE, never tried.

Lycka till!



Oh, i didn’t think of arduino.

Thanks alot, i’ll try it :smiley:


I checked out the code they use for the arduino.

It was very similar to java which I have some experience with, yaay ^^


// Zergoon