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Call For Reviewers

Let’s Make Robots and RobotShop would like to invite you to participate in our “Call for reviewers” on Let´s Make Robots (LMR).

Reviews are great for both manufacturers and LMR members, so both can share expertise and parts. What do they gain?

Manufacturers: they gai

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I have no project to publish

That’s OK, you can still participate in LMR, help others, post comments and once you have a project, post it.

bought ez robot humanoid as a starter study. plan to expand into artificial intelligence and virtual reality. ordered the 4 in 1 sensors need to learn more programming

i have no projects to submit

@devesagarwal Ideally we are looking for reviewers who have some experience in robotics.

i am some experience in mobile robots . any one help i am ready to help for you

See i am doing undergraduate course in Electronics engineering… so am i eligible…?!

@Abhishek Certainly. Sign up to and next time you see a blog post to be a product reviewer, respond / comment indicating why you would be a good choice.

I need a project to work on to give a descrptive detail evaluation

@Roger hayes You can go to the Let’s Make Robots website and sign up. You can create a blog post about one of your previous robotics-related projects and then potentially quality to be a reviewer.

what is the process for getting free robots n parts

@janmejay RobotShop currently only sends out parts for free to reliable reviewers via Let’s Make Robots.

so will i get robot parts i need parts for robowar of vjti mumbai

@janmejay We ship products for review around the world, but we cannot provide specific parts for a specific time period. It seems you are thinking more about a “sponsorship”.

so can i get free parts for ever…??? but its written on ur website that we will get free parts…!!!

@janmejay Unfortunately that’s not how it works. We provide free products for people who are selected to review products.

so isnt there anyway for being ur reviewer

@janmejay You will need to join LMR and then when you see a call for reviewers, reply to the post indicating that you would like to be considered, and what your qualifications are.

A dream come true.
Hello my name is Diana Martinez and am in the Club Robotics. We all have a dream and is making a real robot have tried to raise money but we have not been able to gather for many causes.This club has over 4 years together we have built 2 robots in these months.Every robots have a cause and having a clean country for our next robot will be more advantageous as it will serve to bring smiles to the people and to show them that if you have a dream never give up and you leave.
We have hope that will help us if you have some pieces to share we will be very grateful to you please help us make our dream come true.
Thank you for your attention
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