Ganker Robots & Parts for sale

We have eight used Ganker Battle Robots for sale. They were used for a 2-day event and then boxed back up. One is fully functional, the rest all work, but have various damage – mostly arms, wrists, and servo wear. We also have a small box of parts and extra battery packs.

If you need more info about what, specially, is damaged on each one, or photos, let me know!

Make offer. Would prefer to sell as all as a group, will respond to all serious offers.

Thank you!!!

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Hi @Wilson and welcome to the forum!

Can you share few photos here? Just so user can quickly see what is it about.

Thank you!


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All eight Robots are in their original boxes, have all parts they came with, and two battery packs.


Looks good :slight_smile:

Any expected price?

Open for offer – would prefer to sell as a group, but will consider any serious offer.

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hey much for a used one and needed parts