Fun with shape lock- Desk guard

Despite all of the robots I've built, I've never actually programed a robot before.  This is my step into the world of arduino. 

Chris the carpenter's desktop robot ( inspired me to build a desk robot of my own.  Most of my tools are back at college, so I’m building this guy with one bag of ShapeLock and two servos.

So far ShapeLock is great, it’s basically rapid prototyping for the 3D printer-less.  I’ve got the body built and a simple program that makes him look around.  There is a motor in his mouth that can launch a lego flying disk, but unfortunately I have no motor controller.  I might set up a switch behind his head that will trigger the disk to shoot when the tilt servo moves the head back.  More updates to come 


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Looks around, shoots disk at intruders.

  • Actuators / output devices: 2 servos
  • CPU: Arduino
  • Power source: wall outlet
  • Target environment: desk

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** You could try and make**


 You could try and make it reloadable, with multiple disks.

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As Duane mentioned a

As Duane mentioned a transistor would be the best way to control the fan motor since Arduino cannot handle the current draw. Check out this tutorial from instructables on using a transistor you can use any NPN transistor you have just check the datasheet to make sure it can handle the current draw of your motor.

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