FTDI with 16F690

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Anyone using this approach (MPLAB with HiTech C and microchip pic 16F690) to control their robot?

I'm just now getting around to being able to have the PIC write to a PC and just recently having the PIC receive what the PC is sending at 9600 baud using FTDI basic breakout board.  Quite fast responce time compared to Parallax Basic stamp.  Lots cheaper too.

There are a few PIC based bots here

I can’t currently think of which ones are, but, I have seen a few that are specifically PIC based rather than PICAXE. If you search for some of the common PICs you should run across a few bots here.

Thanks birdmun.I did a quick

Thanks birdmun.

I did a quick search and I see quite a few.  I’m interested in who has tried this in recent months.

Looks like a few have in the past.  It seems most are going into Audrino or Propellor.

PIC seems a really inexpensive way to go.  Just seems like  a really steep learning curve.  Still need to figure out how to read a parallax Ping reliably.


Re: Ping

There are a number of people that have worked with the PING sensor here. Data is data no matter what chip is reading it. Maybe, if after searching you don’t find what you are looking for, you could/should make a new forum post?