FT6335M Horn Specification drawing

Good afternoon,

I am looking to buy an FT6335M servo. However, there is not enough information on drawings such as the sizing of the holes on these horns. I am designing a coupler to connect to this horn and I need to know the size of the holes and the sizing of the horn itself to be able to create my coupler design.

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Hi @Kenai and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately FeeTech did not provide detailed drawings for the accessories that come with this motor, except for this info that these fit 25T/5.9mm horn gear spline.

I would recommend that, when you receive this motor and accessories, measure the parts manually by using the caliper. This is sometimes the safest way to have parts fit correctly.

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Hi Igor,

Thank you for your help. I will try the method of measuring the part.

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You are welcome.