Frits Wrote Another Article for Make

I just got issue 31 of Make Magazine. I found an article about multicopters, and noticed it was written by our own Frits Lyneborg :D Did anyone else know he was working on this?

I didn’t!

Man i hope i get my make soon :smiley: (i dont have that issue yet :frowning: i dont think… )

I got a subscription as a gift and its been a nice little annual book i mean magazine :P 

**just got mine today, **

and loving it!!! This one has a ton more project ideas in it than the last one IMO


Ha GeneralGeek :smiley: Well

Ha GeneralGeek :smiley: Well spotted! I actually wrote it almost a year ago, note the old reference to ALABTU code on DF (That we used to have, but have no longer) - It was just after this one was made:

Cheers :slight_smile:

**love your project **

love your project about the lets start here robot:)