[FREE Event] 2022 Robothon Exhibition event – 100% online via Zoom

Attention Robot builders (and builders of related systems)!!!

Please join the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) for our Summer 2022 all-virtual Robotics showcase event – it will be held August 27, 2022 starting noon (Pacfic Time, USA) – via your favorite Zoom access device!!

This is intended as a education sharing event where the builder (individual or a group) talks about their robotics related build and design.

In addition to talking about design details, what worked and did not, plus what you have learned, you can also talk about your next project or revision based on your current build\design.

This event is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your creation – whether it be a physical design (like a robot) or a software subsystem.

We have a maximum of 6 slots for presenters – so get your registration done as soon as you finish reading this!!!

We also want to recruit 2 or 3 backup presenters as well – in case of an emergency.

Here are all the details on the event plus the registration form (at the bottom of the page) —

Hope to see you all there – either as a presenter or attendee!!!

Regards from the event coordinator – Donna Smith

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Hi. Interested to be an attendee. Is there any registration fee?

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Hi, glad for your interest - it is a completely FREE event,
just register at

That same page also includes all the rules and related information.
I look forward to your entry and participation…

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