Free BT Android Control App (1778451Bytes)

I guess some folks have been looking for my old robot app. I decided to post it here for any/all to use for free. I have long since lost the instruction manual I wrote for it but it should be pretty easy to set up and use.

If anyone wants to write a quick info manual, please do.


  • Download the app and unzip
  • Email it to yourself as an attachment
  • Open the attachment via your mobile device
  • Click "yes" to anything it asks during install 

The app should work with all baud rates up to 115200 and will "self detect" the baud rate chosen.

  • All "sends" from the app are a letter/number combo i.e. "D" for "direction" and 1-5 based on what button was pushed
  • Tilt is sent as a X,Number / Y,Number or L,Number R,Number (Scale is 0-100-200, 100 is "centered" or "off")
  • Any text (strings) sent to the app will be spoken aloud by the phone
  • The rest should be pretty straight forward just by playing with it


Hey Chris,


Thanks so much guy for posting Rocketbot. I spent a lot of time looking for it. Looks like a great program! The only problem is I’m still learning about Aurduinos and not sure how to set this app with my code for the robot. Maybe someone can get me started. Does the editable Android file needed to be edited for application with my particular code. Also is it possible to include speed control of the motors?


Thanks so much,



Thanks for sharing!

I’m going to save this and dig in when I get a chance. Really appreciate it!