FRED (friendly robot employed domestically)

FRED is a prototype full size robot designed to be a home helper specifically aimed at  the elderly.  In its final form, FRED will be able to perform rudimentary communication and will perform tasks using voice commands.  FRED will use a modified "Reachy" arm to grasp objects and then will take the object to the person as requested.  Currently, the mechanical system is 90% complete and FRED can run ROS 1 some simple navigation. Voice command is not yet active. The arm is not yet attached to the body.  The plan is to have FRED be open source and allow others to contribute to the design and development.

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The link to the model is fully functional now. You can download the model in several different formats.

A top assembly PDF is now available on my github.

Hi @ortevol,
Welcome to the RobotShop Community!

Nice robot you got there! It’s great your are working on a robot to assist and provide companionship.

Can we have more details about it?
For example, a video demonstration or the steps behind your creation?

Looking forward to learning more about your robot and about you!


Thanks. Yes, I plan to provide more information. I have been developing the arm and hope to upload a test I performed to verify the servos can operate the arm with smooth motion.