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I was wondering if any of you had ever heard of folding at home? What it is is a website where Stanford university are using the power of distributed computing to 'fold' proteins and ultimately help to solve diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntingdon's and Parkinson's disease.

When I read about this it occurred to me that a lot of you seem to have an interest in computers and science, and who wouldn't want to help when there is no loss ! All that you would have to do is download an application that uses spare resources (meaning that your computer doesn't take a performance hit) to help save lives - It's all win and no lose ! :D

Folding at home also has support for teams, meaning that it would be possible to make a team for LMR - so we can all feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

So would any of you be interested in being part of a folding team for LMR? If there is enough of you I will have a look into how to make a team so we can all feel content knowing that we are helping :D

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I used to run it on the

I used to run it on the university computers back when it was seti@home


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I think my PS3 is on the

I think my PS3 is on the line.

Have you since developed nanites for this program?