Foamy v1



Here's before the electronics were installed.




Here's after adding a 3S battery, and moving it farther forward.


Here's its ready to run on 2S.



Hello everyone,

Frits made 3 of these, then some friends into RC's started making them (after I sent links to his) I followed the trend and made one TWO for myself.

You should make one too. All it takes is some foam, hot melt glue, some string packing tape, and some RC plane parts.




I was teasing Frits to make a Trata IV, and ended up inspiring myself to make a bigger Foamy v2

I'll post some better video asap.


Thanks for viewing!!!



I like it!

And I have those parts lying around. Hmmm…

Maybe when I have a little less to do. Snow season might be done here, but it is hard to be sure. 70 (F) tomorrow and the 45 the next day.

I have all of the parts

Well I have all of the parts but not sure when it last snowed in Perth, Australia :slight_smile:

Wicked :D2 requests:A) Can

Wicked :smiley:

2 requests:

A) Can you make / post a version of the video with real sound instead of music? (It is easier to understand how much it pulls etc with sound)

B) Can you try to mve the battery up towards the middle? I think it will make it turn much better, would love to see if it is so :slight_smile:


Totally agree

I couldn’t agree more for pointA!!


Now I wanna build one since winter still here~~ Good job!


Here’s my parts list:



Battery - 3S

Motor/Speed Control Combo



Total price = $50 USD


maybe you can put a rudder

maybe you can put a rudder or something to make it move straight