FlowBotics and SSC32 Servo Sequencer


I am looking for someone who could customize the servo sequencer for me.
I have a project where I used the software. However, I would like to realize the following. My knowledge in programming is unfortunately on basic level.
-The Servoconfig as well as the pattern should be loaded automatically. Name always remains the same.
-Connection 9600 as default (connection Automatic)

  • Pattern starts in loop at program start.
    Of course it must not be free. We will surely agree.

Thanks Bruno

@Bonsai Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Although at this time RobotShop / Lynxmotion do not offer such customization services, you may find others who do. Note that if you already have a sequence prepared, you may be able to more easily find someone to “hard code it” outside of FlowBotics using a program like Arduino.

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It is clear to me that Lynxmotion does not do customizations. I am rather looking for someone on the user side who can help me.
Thanks and greetings

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Aside from the “back end”, each module can be configured and customized quite extensively. If you find a programmer comfortable with Ruby, or even knowledgeable in programming in general, they may be able to make the changes you seek (for example a freelancer, student etc.).

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