FlowArm Activation


The FlowArm software for PLTW is free and doesn’t require an activation code but I am seeing some schools suddenly being asked for activation code when it was working for 3 months before this began. Any thoughts on how to get around this?


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They are probably trying to install old versions from a CD.
Please have them download the newest version here [robotshop.com/flowarm].

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As a side note, RobotShop management did update the PLTW management on this but it seems the information either never reaches the full breath of the PLTW organization or trickles down at a slow pace. On numerous occasions (after that communication was completed) schools and teachers still regularly asked for support using older material, some as old as from ~2012 and claimed that was given to them far more recently.

This is why the http://robotshop.com/flowarm special URL redirection was created (a while ago) to make it simple for anyone to get access to the newest software! :slight_smile:

I am not certain how this kind of information is given to PLTW trainers and teachers but if you have any knowledge of this or impact on it, please tell them simply this: http://robotshop.com/flowarm! :smiley:

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