floor cleaning

I am no robotics pro, but have an idea that has merit in my work. I want to build a bot, likely based on a heavy "battlebot" off the shelf chassis. This will be mounted with rotor swinging "swiffer" or similar treated dusters. The idea is to automate dust mopping of very large floor areas in a nuclear power plant, and possible adapt the machine to decontaminate radiologically dirty areas.

Could anyone suggest a control strategy that would mimic the "Roomba" system of an expanding spiral that goes to a wall-following mode and then a randomized bounce off mode? It should also allow for area designation by reflective tape or light barriers like the roomba". A precipace sensor to turn the 'bot at stairs would be good too. Now for the kicker: if I put the bot in a congested contaminated area, I want to shift to a wireless remote control to control speed, direction and the rotation of the duster rotor.

Could someone suggewst a system, platform or strategy to keep me from buying a method not up to my needs?