Flexible Stretch Sensor

Hello, could anyone tell me the difference between the RB-Ima-18 and the RB-Ada-34? If i understand the first one is a shorter version of the second one with hooks attached to it?
Also, what is the precision like, the description of the 1st one doesn’t talk at all about it, I am guessing its a +/-7% like the second product but I prefer making sure!
Thanks in advance

Hi @Theol,

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You are right, RB-ima-18 is 14’’ while RB-ada-34 is 1m (39’’) long.

Here are some specs I could find:

As the stretch sensor is stretched the resistance gradually increases. When the sensor is stretched to 150% of its original length (14" X 150% = 21"), its resistance will approximately double to 2.0 Kohms per inch.

Resistance: 350-400 ohms per inch / 140 - 160 ohms per centimeter

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for the quick awnser!

Well actually i was wondering since I would be using 3 stretch sensors to try and triangulate an object if this was the right technology to use (this would be in a slingshot style controller)?
And if it isn’t would you have any recommendations as to what technology i should be using?

Depending on the precision of the positioning, it could work and be a really interesting project.
I would surely want to see that in action.

For a really precise project I believe that 3 or 4 proximity sensors around the moving object could be a good way to track it.
Also, a camera top down view could be a way to track the position of an object but would involve much more programming and a more complicated setup.

For this product, can the cable be cut into shorter sections?

Hi Theol,

This is a good question but according to the reading of the following: 350-400 ohms per inch / 140 - 160 ohms per centimeter

I would say that the sensor can be cut into smaller parts and create new resistance values.
Let me know if you try it and how it turns out.