Flapping fairy wing (tinkerbelle wing)

I want to mAke a flapping wing like thise but still blank how the tutorial and material i need, anyone cAn help me more detail? Or maybe i can buy it if anyone can make these? Thank you for your kond and help​:pray::innocent:


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering. I’m planning to make a tinkerbelle wing for my daughter cosplay, but the wing that shine with led (with fiber optic) and can flap open and close like the real one. But i’m still newbie here and only understand a bit about arduino for led strip.
What i need to know how to make it and what materials i need to make it as i plan. Please anyone can help me with the tutorial or any more details from the best material for the wings, the setting of the led with fiber optic and how to make the wing can flap automatic or maybe move together with the led on…
so sorry for many questions, and i need help with it​:pray::blush: if i can buy it for the help i also want it because i need it for my daughter

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hey !

Designing wings can be very complicated depending on what features you want them to have.

If I were to build a similar project (and I probably will someday since I have a 3 yr-old daughter), I would start by buying a premade wings set and solidify it if needs be:

And find a way to add LEDs on them, probably some sewable LEDs like these:

They can be programed to blink, dim, etc. with microcontrollers like a lillypad for example:

Don’t forget the conductive thread:

Now that was the easy part, if you want to get movement out of them, I would start by trying a servo motor, I can’t really give suggestion here since I have no idea how strong he will need to be but you can get a simple back and forth movement out of these motors like this:

Hope this helps at least getting you started :slight_smile: !

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Thank you for your suggestions and information​:pray::blush: its also helpfull… but i still need to improving to make it like in the picture i share. I already asked the maker whether they sell it or not but no respons. I even donate to their patroen or whatever blog is that maybe i don’t really understand. Hehehe

Thank you so much and happy for your sharing​:pray::innocent: