First Position (Deg)

Setting up the HT1 servo of Chess Playing Robot.
I’m trying to fix the First Position for it at -90 degrees. As it is written in the instructions (LSS - Communication Protocol ) I am sending the CFD-900 command. After I turn off / turn on the power and the servo does not go to the this First Position that was set. I make a qfd request, I get a DIS. Why is the data about the first position not saved?

Hello @Chepurko,

What exactly do you want to achieve?

Keep in mind that the Chess Robot has a default “rest” position. If you want to change it you should modify “angles_rest” in the “ArmControl” module.

If you wish to calibrate the arm you can use FlowArm, although I found that calibrating all the joints at the same time was a bit hard, so I used LSS Config to calibrate the servos one by one.

If what you really want is to set the first position, the command you mention is the correct one, however, remember that the structure of all commands is as follows:

  1. Start with a number sign # (Unicode Character: U+0023)
  2. Servo ID number as an integer (assigning an ID described below)
  3. Action command (in this case it is CFD)
  4. Action value in the correct units with no decimal
  5. End with a carriage return \r or Unicode Character (U+000D)

I also suggest that you check if you are using the latest firmware version and the correct baudrate.

Also verify that the way you are sending the commands works correctly, you can start by sending a simple command like LED.

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Yes, I send the CFD-900 command, the system asks me to click UPDATE after - I click, then I send a request qfd - I get an answer that nothing has been saved (gfddis). The task is to change the initial-first, sluggish, position of the robot after turning on the power. Previously, it was possible to do this, but after updating the firmware, the system does not remember the new state.

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Hello @Chepurko,

There seems to be an issue with CFD in v370 firmware which we’ll look into. Can you try using the 368 firmware? It seems to work there.

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Where i can find 368? And how to do firmware downgrade?

Hi Chepurko,

In the LSS Configuration Software, you can select the firmware to be loaded. Instead of the “recommended” use the drop down menu and select the v368.

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Thanks, on v368 it works


Great - We are reporting the bug to our team for v370.

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