First Arduino Shield

Having made a very basic shild for this project using a stripboard, I realised the potential for manufacturing a proper shield. I hope that this one will for the basis of a balancing robot (like my first attempt) but hopefully more complete.

Its main purpose is to jiggle the pins around into useful positions, so I can directly plug in two servos, an L298-based dual H bridge motor driver, a Bluetooth trasceiver and an accelerometer/gyro.

There are also a couple of LEDs for debugging, a pair of (hopefully useful) buttons and a potential divider with centre tap to an analog input which I can use to monitor main battery voltage.



The board is printed and etched using a time-honoured system seen here.


The board has no external power supply, and I can hear you worrying for me. No need. The Arduino's 5V regulator is perfectly happy driving two micro servos with no load (twiddling a couple of ultrasound rangers is no load).

Looking forward to see your

Looking forward to see your progress on balancing wheels. I am always having difficulties to understand their programm.

First goof-up

Ooops. The plan was to rearrange the ins so I could plug stuff directly in. See the pins in teh top right corner of the photo? That was supposed t obe a socket into which I could directly plug a Bluetooth interface. D’oh. Fixed now.