First and simple

Its a pretty fun robot to see what it can climb and what not but I will improve it real soon.

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** All it is is a motor**
All it is is a motor batteries and a switch

As Fritsl would say, "please
As Fritsl would say, “please read the rules”.

Welcome to LMR! Make sure

Welcome to LMR! Make sure you read the Rules first:

Do not post as a robot if you have not built anything. An idea alone is not enough to start a project page. Make sure you have at least a picture of your work in progress. If you do not have anything but an idea, please post a blog entry about it for a start.

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Read the rules!

I would agree with patrick, and krumlink. You should read the rules, before you post anything.

Post as blog instead


Firstly, the drive is flawwed as you can’t steer the chassis. It will go forwards (perhaps backwards with a bit of wiring) but can’t turn on one motor since it has a joined back axle.

The whole purpose of this forum is to create and show off robots that have some sort of intelligence and sense their environment.

If you can post a video on how your “robot” steers on that fixed axle and can think for itself and avoid obstacles with just a couple of batteries and a motor I’m sure we’d reconsider it a robot.


I think the point is he made

I think the point is he made his first project and wanted to show it off. Of course everyone jumped on the THIS ISNT A ROBOT GRRROWL! So now he will likely never post again. I would call this a completed project or even robot page worthy because it does what it intended. I made a robot post that wasn’t a “robot” because it was just motors, batteries and a couple switches and no one complained. Lets not yell at new people and discourage them. At least it wasn’t a pile of parts. It was a finished project if that is all the user intended was to start small (like we tell everyone to!) and learn as they go.

Good effort and a goo first project. Now add a second motor so it can turn and maybe a processor so it can do other stuff. Good first project to build off of!

some of us, like me, said it
some of us, like me, said it wasnt a robot when it had no pictures. It was just a sentence and nothing else. He could add some more explaining. Now it may not be a "robot" but at least it is finished

True but only 1 person
True but only 1 person saying something is fine. When the first few posts all say the same thing its a bit excessive.

This is an electromechanical

This is an electromechanical artificial construct, capable of performing a task determined by its programming. The programming in this case is the physical connection of the wires to the motor - reprogramming it (i.e. rewiring it) would cause a different behaviour.
It does meet the minimum criteria, at least now that it has a photo to show it.

On the other hand (this is for you Jonny, and any other newbies reading) it is much better to keep your robot page set to ‘draft’ mode until you have:
• Photographic depiction of your creation (video is also very welcome).
• Basic list of parts used.
• General description of purpose and design.


Hey Jonny

Nice effort.

I nearly bought one of those Tamiya tracks today but was not sure If It would accept the Double gearbox that I have.
Perhaps you should get the double gearbox and try fitting it to your Tracks. That way you will have an independant drive for each track, allowing your vehicle to turn left and right.

You could achieve that by either adding some switches or better still a microcontroler.

The easier and cheaper way woud be to use 2 micro switches. Then set them up in front of your robot, one on either side.
Make up some antenae like feelers that will trigger the switches.
With some thoughtfull wiring your robot will move forward and say it hits an obstacle with its left antenae, that micro switch will stop or reverse the right motor causing your robot to turn right untill the switch is released. Your robot then moves forward untill it finds the next obstacle.

I hope this makes sence to you.

You can see an image of the double gear box on my page at
There is also a picture there of the Tamiya Wall hugging mouse which uses the microswitch system, but this one only has one switch thus keeping the mouse running along a wall.

I won’t comment on the microcontroler option as I have not yet completed a controled robot yet.

The tamiya track set is

The tamiya track set is universal to their gear boxes. The single motor track set will fit with the double gear box.

eh…mine “accepted” the

eh…mine “accepted” the double gearbox after some drilling. The holes, at least on mine, weren’t exactly in the right spot. Make sure it’s damn straight drilling, mine wasn’t and it tracks slightly to one side. One more thing to note, the double gearbox is wider with the provided axles. This caused some problems with the tracks slipping off after a bit of driving. However, drilling out the back cog made quick work of that problem.

EDIT: I see you have the other double gearbox. Mine was the brown case with yellow gears. Not sure if they are different, in that case you might not have any problems!

- P

its ok, ive broken the rules

its ok, ive broken the rules before too :stuck_out_tongue: try hooking it up to an RC car controller and putting a simple arm or something? its just an issue of steering. i had this kit once and instead of one big motor like you have, i put 2, smaller angled gearbox motors on each track. then i put an arm on it. actually… this was the final product.


its simple (but i replaced the wooden kit that came with tracks. i used plexiglass and wheels instead, you dont have to do that)

hey jonny boy! after our
hey jonny boy! after our little project you should put some stuff on that thing! like arms and maybe a airsoft gun :smiley:

** I’ll improve it soon if**
I’ll improve it soon if any one has an idea on what to do please post it


There certainly have been some improvements suggested jonny.

Read some of the replys that people have sent you, feel free to ask for more info directly from within the reply’s if you wish.

Show us what you can do Dude!

I was thinking if I used 2
I was thinking if I used 2 bumper switches, 1 picaxe8, 5v regulator, and another engin would that work and would I need any thing else