Firmware Update Released, Make Your Neato XV-11 Smarter | RobotShop Community

Neato Robotics has just released a firmware update for their smart robotic vacuum cleaner XV-11.

As illustrated in the table below, your Neato XV-11 vacuum robot will get many new features from this upgrade, such as spot-cleaning capabilities, wiggle action that allows for better docking,

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why has the free neato vacuum software update been removed? I have had my neato since 2011 with no problems. I’ve updated it once and now I can’t, shy?

@Andrea Seward Neato has removed the software updates from their website and we do not have any information of why they removed it.

Neato firmware v3.4.24079 seems to have an expiration counter. My XV-21, which isn’t network capable and has never been connected to a computer, says a software update is available. Of course it isn’t, as noted above and on wikipedia, but that doesn’t stop it from chirping about it every few minutes all day and all night.

So now everyone with that model and version has to learn how to clear the counter on the machine’s serial console, presuming there is a way to do that.