Firework Ignition System (2594854Bytes) (100087Bytes) (263590Bytes)

Hi, this is my second version of a firework ignition system. It can ignite 8 fireworks and you are able to create any sequence with a program I made for the computer. The curcuit is very simple. The whole thing is controlled by a RBBB(Really Bare Bomnes Board) and it uses 8 driving transistors to drive 8 relays that switch the the power to the pieces nicrome wire that are on the fuses.




The project is housed in two boxes that are connected by a cable running between them. The control box has a key switch to turn it on, a screen to display whats going on, a button to start the program, and indicator LEDs to tell you which firing ports are being switched on. It also has a toggle switch in the upper right hand corner that if down allows you to push the fire button without lighting off any fireworks. This lets you see if your program is correct by looking at the indicator lights. The nice artwork is all thanks to my sister.



The second box(the one that is out by the fireworks) is the box that holds the battery, driving transistors, and relays. On the top of it there is a power switch, power indicator light, fuse holder, 4 ground ports, and 8 firing ports.




The program I made was writen in C# in Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. Here are some screen shots of my program.


After you click the big button to start the project a small settings window opens and you put in the name of your project(I'm trying to make it able to save projects but thats not working right now). Then you put how many steps there are in your project(I accidentally put sequences in the program). The use screen option doesn't do anything right now but it was meant to let you print your own message on the LCD screen when the program was running on the Ignition System.


When you click done a tab comes up for each of the steps in the program. In the tabs you can control the amount of time before the project starts firing and the timing between the steps. The eight checkboxes correspond with the firing ports on the second box and let you control which ones go off.


The program makes sure that every sequence has a firing port selected and if one doesn't, it tells you and won't upload.


I like the software!

I like the software! How does the upload function work? Were is it stored?

Thank you. When you click

Thank you. When you click upload the program sends a serial message to the arduino that tells how many steps, which ports to fire, the delays, etc., and then the arduino just saves it to eeprom when the message ends for later use.

Good project! I like it!

Good project! I like it! Always wanted to build something to do all my explosions more safely…