Feasibility of DIY wireless headphone kit

So, I was searching the market for what my wireless headphone options were and got quite disappointed.

As it seems, wireless used is either IR, RF (on the FM/UHF band) and Bluetooth (also 2.4Ghz seemingly working in the router's norm).

IR ... needs line of sight, small range...
RF... prone to interferences
Bluetooth... small range
2.4GHz... some reviews said they interfered with the home wireless routers


So given the fact I've already own a few reasonable earphones I thought:

How feasible would be to make a DYI wireless headphone plug-in kit??

What I had in mind was something like a transmitter that would plug into my computer jack's sound out and then would transmit the sound over to a receiver that would plug-in any head/earphones I might desire.

As for the wireless delivery module, I thought I might try the arduino with the nRF24...+ modules, but perhaps I'm being naive.

My main concerns are, for it to be reasonable inexpensive, have a reasonable range (for me to roam around inside my small apartment), resilient to interferences and the sound quality not to be degraded to utter crap :p 

Now with crazy madz inkscape (lack of) skillz!!!


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Another idea would be to use your homes power supply to encode and trasnmit audio through the wires of your house .

Since in every room you got plugs then you got audio 

Well, currently I’m not

Well, currently I’m not feeling that adventurous to fiddle directly with the power lines :slight_smile: But I assume you mean turning them into a sort of giant antenna, because if not that would also defeat my purpose. Anyhow, depite cool, I’ll leave the power lines untarnished by my touch :slight_smile: