Faulty board?



I bought a card "Dual 15A Wild Thumper Arduino DC Motor Controller"

When I connect the battery (voltage OK) to the card the led "good battery" lights for a while and then goes off.

The "power" led is ON, the 5V output is ok, the corrent is about 40mA.

The board doesnt work.

Do I had to send the card to the seller or can I do  other controls.?

Thanks, Stefano

PS Sorry for my bad english language


Are you using new

Are you using new batteries?  may just be insufficient voltage, but I have not got this board to confirm.

Faulty board

No, the voltage of the battery is good. I have another card and it works with the same battery.


You could try posting on

You could try posting on Oddbot’s wild thumper thread - there will be users of that board there.


Thank you, i’ll do it.Stefano

Thank you, i’ll do it.