Father and Son Antweight Battle Bot Project

vs a 2lb chunk of wood: youtube.com/watch?v=9nsWil4BMFI
vs a 2lb bot: youtube.com/watch?v=hcAflxw8P3I
vs a different 2lb bot: youtube.com/watch?v=qbqJ98WfsSw

That thing is nasty.

Rawr O_O

i wonder if there is any way to beat that design…hmmmm :laughing:

It’s attack is limited by the radius of the blades. A low edge with a back angled profile and nothing for it to bite will challenge it more than chunks of wood :wink: To beat it… probably something that uses its inertia against it… might be tough in ant weight class but that’s what competition is about, right?

hm, you could always get a really really low edge, and have it be a flipper, that can reach the non moving body parts by going under that blade anf flip :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock paper scissors kinda thing. It’s just for fun anyway. My bot was undefeated, but the next year we changed it to beatle (3lb) rules, and I had major radio problems.

Try an a-symetric (spelling?) blade.

They are shape with only one tooth but counter ballenced for the most bite.

That would definatley do some damage, but i think it might be pretty dangerous counter balanging something like that, cause the smallest mistake could put it out of control and do a lot of damage to both the bot as well as people around

unless of course, they sell these, and in that case my point is moot :stuck_out_tongue:

Well we finally got the hub for the saw blades. And only two days before the event! :open_mouth: We’re a little overweight, 0.18 oz. So the plan is to trim and shave everything down to hopefully make up the difference.


That is a seriously scary looking antweight. I wouldn’t want that to even chase me around.

For weight, you could punch out some lightening holes in the blades then drill them to rebalance them. not only would you shave weight, you would decrease the mass of the blades.

It looks crazy. If I wasn’t positive people would cut each others fingers off, you could easily sell those. :smiley: it looks like one of those “screamers” from that move Screamers.

wow…i’d be afraid of that meet that in an antweight battle

that thing is badass O_O

and evo has a point, those would be a good thing to sell if people didn’t cut their fingers off

Those blades would kick my bot’s AR$$ :open_mouth:

Here’s the post-competition images of my robots :laughing:

Here’s Unity

And here’s Death Grip II, that I redesigned and let a friend use in the competition… and as no good deed goes unpunished, he of course beats me in our bout :cry:

But not before I did a considerable amount of damage to it :smiling_imp:

Although I didn’t do well in the competition, I was voted most destructive :smiling_imp:

Death Grip II did better than I did, but still didn’t win, although he won the bot brawl at the end of the event…

Even though we didn’t win, it was still a ton of fun, and I’ll be sure to come back next year :smiley:
Hopefully we’ll have more than about twenty minutes of practice with our robots next time :laughing:

Hmmm… next year we should get all the LM forum folks to meet at CIRC and bring their bots… :open_mouth:

Very nice james, both BOTS look awsome even with the considerable damage (although yours looks intact, how did it lose?).

Death Grip II is sporting some manly battle scars 8)

:imp: :smiling_imp:runs to secret lab

Here are some more pictures of Unity and Death Grip II

Close-up of the blades, now a bit damaged

Close-ups of the damage on Death Grip II

The only weakness a vertical spinner has… No self righting mechanism. He got flipped on his lid by another vertical spinner. James is being modest he actually did very well. Unity was tossing robots off the walls with ease. However the teeth on the blades became worn quickly and didn’t have the bite when new. Next year we will sport a new waterjet cut single tooth titanium blade. I might add that the robot performed flawlessly. It was lifting onto two wheels when turning just like the big boys you may have seen when Battlebots was on TV. Even when it was flipped on its lid, nothing was damaged.

My CH3-R backs away slowly but cautiously at the sight of the saw blades

That is some mean looking machine…

Jim and James, are you guys planning to be at Robogames 2008 in San Francisco?

We don’t make the trade shows or far off competitions. Who would mind the store? :frowning: