Father and Son Antweight Battle Bot Project

Wow, that things amazing! I have never seen anything so small, yet so cool!
Sorry if I missed this but, what weapon will you be mounting on it?

A pair of 3 3/8" sawblades :smiling_imp:

Is that a custom made chassis? And can we expect this for the product line? :smiley:

Oooh, its evil! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: Get some pics when you add them!

Tsk tsk, a non howmade chassis? :open_mouth:

i’ve seen that somewhere before…maybe HERE! points accusingly


hehe, im just kidding guys, it loks like this would make a perfect base for an antweight, i would choose this if i were starting something like this this and i had the money 8)

Looks like it is hogged out of aluminum plate! That would take a while.


I can think of other ways, but the walls being quite thin poses a problem. One could make all the partition walls out of PCB stock, and solder them up.

I’m not sure why the “deep drawn” look is desirable. Do these 'bots fight? is it a protection measure?

Alan KM6VV

I’ve looked at that chassis before. Very nice. Did you use the little sanyo motors?

You custom lexan parts look great (no surprise).

Those look like rc car wheels. Did you glue the tires?

Yeah, those little things have a lot of power for their size.

Nah, we stuck a 1/4" circle of ‘self vulcanizing’ rubber tape on the wheel, and then pressed it onto the shaft. It holds really well, and we can remove it if we need.

I’m not sure what you mean by a “deep drawn” look, but to your other question… YEAH! :smiling_imp:

He’s referring to the way it’s hollowed-out from a solid block… I’d call it a “tub chassis”. The advantage is that it keeps the CG low while protecting the sensitive electronics.

James, what kind of gearing are you using with the motors? How many RPMs are you planning for the blades?

The drive motors are 50:1, and the blades will be spinning at about 22,000RPM :open_mouth: :smiling_imp:

At that RPM what kind of power will you be able to put behind them? Consider a 1/2HP router runs about 18-20K RPM with no load but if you use a bit of any significant diameter it loads up and stalls easily. So I am curious if you are running ant weight how much power can you put behind the blades to keep them spinning at that kind of RPM, especially at 3-3/8" diameter. If an opponent has a hardened steel edge and rushes your blades is it going to stall them before any damage takes place, and if it does how long will it take to get them back up to a usable RPM range? :confused:

Yeah, great question. I don’t build battle bots, but I’ve watched enough matches to know that’s what usually happens. I’d think massive torque would be the way to go.

I’m curious to hear how the LM braintrust plans to deal with this issue.

They will spin up in about 500mS so it’s no problem. However this weapon isn’t really designed to cut. The goal is to launch the opponent. Here is a video of a 2lb (kilobot) I made a few years back.


The videos are of the robot throwing 2lb pieces of wood and 2lb robots. The weapon motor is about the same power as the speed 400 we are using on the Ant. 8)

Or in other words it’s an inertia weapon, not a saw. :wink:

Very cool, thanks for the clarification.

Wow! Your bot looks awesome! Great work. And a very good (or scary :smiling_imp: ) demonstration of the potential energy/power in your speedy rotating saw/inertia weapon.

Looking forward to see it in action!

It looks really nice, but I can’t see the vids… :frowning: Anywho, it’s a nice picture!

It’s actually not as bad as it may sound. The motor has the following specs.

Working Voltage: 6-8.4vdc
Nominal Voltage: 7.2vdc
No load speed: 22,300rpm
No-load current: 2.0amps
Speed at max effeciency: 19,000rpm
Current draw at maximum effeciency: 11amps
Max. effeciency: 68%
Total output power: 50w
Weight: 109g

Spins up fast and recoevers quickly if stalled.

Thats awesome o-o

i wish all i could see the last 2 videos though :laughing: , i just here the audio thats supposed to go with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, gimme a bit and I’ll upload the videos to youtube. I’ll post the links back here when they’re done.